Till&McCulloch 2014

Ottawa, 27-29 octobre 2014 




Chaire de recherche en cellules souches et génie tissulaire attribuée à Lucie Germain

Québec, 10 octobre 2014 Lien vers le communiqué de presse.

ISEH Montréal 2014

Réunion annuelle de la International society for experimental hematology. Montréal, 21 - 24 août 2014



Translational Regenerative Medicine

 Leipzig, Allemagne, 21 - 22 octobre 2014


This indication-related congress brings together delegates from clinic, leading pharmaceutical companies and academia from around the world focusing on innovative treatment strategies in the field of regenerative medicine.
The congress provides presentations and panel discussions focusing on novel diagnostic and therapeutic methods of regenerative medicine. For practitioners, this translation-oriented event offers the exceptional opportunity to gain knowledge about new treatment concepts in regenerative medicine.
For researchers, this event offers a platform to promote new therapeutic approaches in regenerative medicine and to create a business platform.
Agenda Topics:

  • Clinical Video Tutorial with Planned Life Annotations
  • Regulatory Environment and Bench to Bedside Process in Regenerative Medicine
  • Stem Cell Sources (Usage of Adipose-derived Stem Cells)
  • Treatments in Eye, Bone,Cartilage & Muscle, Liver & Pancreas, Blood & Cord Blood, Skin & Blood Vessels


 56e réunion annuelle du Club de Recherches Cliniques du Québec (CRCQ)

18 ou 20 septembre 2014 au Mont Gabriel à Ste-Adèle


Cell Culture Engineering XIV

4 au 9 mai 2014
Fairmount le Château Frontenac
Québec (Québec)

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Subventions de réseau émergent de l'ISCR - Résultats de LDI 2013

 février 2014
Une des subventions de réseau émergent de l'ISCR a été attribuée aux projet "The Vascular Network"
Le réseau ThéCell est un partenaire de ce nouveau réseau canadien.

Lien vers l'annonce sur le site des IRSC

Résumé: The Vascular Network is an interdisciplinary research efforts with a vision of improved health for all Canadians through innovative and effective prevention, detection, and treatment of vascular conditions. The Vascular Network will create synergies and break down barriers between disciplines and vascular diseases through a program focused on three themes: 1) understanding the causes and impact of vascular conditions, 2) supporting evidence-based integrated models of care, and 3) accelerating and improving the success of translational research in vascular disease. The Vascular Network will support these themes through core activities aimed at developing research personnel and capacity, knowledge translation investments, and networking activities.