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22 septembre 2020

Read about today's stem cell research including novel stem cell technology and advances in understanding cancer stem cells. Stem Cells News -- ScienceDaily
  • New way to halt leukemia relapse shown promising in mice
    Drugs tackling chronic myelogenous leukemia have completely transformed prognoses of patients over the last couple of decades, with most cases going into remission. But drug resistance can occur, leading to relapses. Targeting the lipids involved in regulating part of a leukemia stem cell's life span offers a potential second route to defeat the disease -- and solid tumorous cancers as well.
  • Uncovering the clock that sets the speed of embryo development
    Why do pregnancies last longer in some species than others? Researchers have found the clock that sets the speed of embryonic development and discovered the mechanism is based on how proteins are made and dismantled. The study could also help us understand how different mammals evolved from one another and help refine methods for regenerative medicine.